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Home of the Suddenly Slender Body Wrap


Slenderizing Mineral Body Wraps

“The healthy Active Wrap.”

This technology is the best form of tightening and toning available. It is the premier method of visually slenderizing and contouring the body.

Look 8 - 20 inches slimmer in 1 hour, with
The Mineral Body Wrap
* Detoxes
* Tones
* Tightens the skin
* Mineralizes the body

A great NON Surgical alternative to Lipo Suction.


The Slenderizing Mineral Body Wrap

Anytime is a great time to get a body wrap but if you have lost weight it is expecially helpful to tighten and tone those problem areas to look slimmer.

If you are on a diet and weight loss program, or just want to look and feel better, our mineral bodywraps will help you get going on your plan, and motivate you to stay on it, feel better, succeed and live a healthier lifestyle.

Do you have some skinny jeans you're wanting to get back into?

Or that stubborn fat that  won't go away no matter how hard you try to get rid of it?

Or wish you could smooth out that cellulite on your thighs?

The slenderizing mineral body wrap has been successful in over 4 million wraps it is the best form of technology available.

You are wrapped in soft, latex free ace bandages, soaked in an exclusive mineral solution. This gives a toned and tighter appearance to the skin.

The Slenderizing Mineral Body wrap benefits anybody, regardless of gender or age, women, men and children will benefit from The Body Wrap.

The BodyWrap helps give the body a tighter and toned appearance and looks visually slimmer. The wrap process and special supplements help with a more healthy and invigorated lifestyle. Cellulite appears softer and smoother.

We take into consideration that each person is different and may have specific goals in mind. Results are determined by pinpoint measurements of the body (face, neck, upper arms, mid arms, wrist, chest, hips, midriff, abdomen, hips, thighs, calves, ankles etc.) before applying the bandages, then remeasuring after the body wrap is finished.

Skin appears tighter and smoother after wrapping. Many specifically ask for this during and after weight loss, during and after pregnancy. This process will definantly help with the appearance of a double chin also.

How many wraps will I need?

Personal goals are strictly up to you. Results achieved during the wrap are helped by the amount of (mild) exercise done during the process. Nutritional supplements, exercise regimens, and eating habits aid progress. To maximize results you should be wrapped once or twice a week, until your skin appears tighter and your goals are met. Then, maintenance visits every other month are important to keep your new slim appearance.

We recommend getting the Mineral supplement and take it prior to getting a wrap. It helps prepare the body for a slimmer appearance and better results from the bodywrap.


Slendertone Wrap

The Slendertone mineral wrap gets awesome results and it's great for a visually slimmer look and smoothing the appearance of cellulite!

Anti - Aging Wrap
This formula includes over 2 dozen separate
ingredients fully active, compatible and in
perfect combination in the solution.
A safe, natural and healthful mineral process
that works in just one hour.

Body Lift Wrap

Newest wrap solution. Gives even more benefits with up to twice the results. It is the Anti-aging and Power wrap along with more minerals in it. The results will be maximizedwith the use of the recommended supplements.

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